Wedding & Special Occasion Photography
Would you like to capture your big day or a special event, such as engagement, award or a ceremony? I can offer a broad range of options.
Event & Function Photography
Are you hosting and event or a function? I can create a reportage, taking pictures and/or videos as event is progressing. I can also arrange a mobile photo booth for  your guests! For outdoor events, an UAV (drone) operator can take areal shots and videos.
Newborn & Baby Photography
Are you expecting a new member of your family to arrive soon? I can capture the birth of your baby, from the very first moment of his life, first breath, first sight, first smile and other first happy moments! If required, can arrive to capture the discharge, travel to home and arrange a short home photo session. I can also produce a short movie about birth of your child (15-30 minutes long).
Individual, Group & Family Portraiture
If you are looking to create family portrait or a photo of a group or an image of someone important to you, I can arrange a photo session either in studio or outdoors. The typical length of a session is 1-3 hours. A stylist service can be arranged on the day to ensure the best look.
E-commerce Production Photography
I can produce a broad range of production photography styles, suitable for using with e-commerce sites, eBay and Facebook shops, etc. All pictures will be post-processed to ensure the finest quality and availability to use with different media. I have strong experience producing product photos for commerce websites. The prices starts from $5 per image, various package deals are available.
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