I'm really in love with our world

I'm a professional photographer

Welcome to my Website which is my special place to explore Australia and my photography world. I’m Natalia, I’m originally from Russia. First, I'd like to share a piece of my soul with you as well as to explain what brought me to photography. As a four-year-old girl, I was excited when my parent's friend used to come to our home and take photos of me and the rest of us. His lifelong passion influenced me immensely.

As any child, I was taken photos a lot. When the photographer asked me to look into the lens, he promised the bird to fly out and I foolishly believed him. I was thinking of a peacock with a bright tail and I thought I was so lucky to have an amazing bird next to me. I probably developed my imagination so much that I have always been dreaming about creating my own photography world.

Now, I'm so blessed to live in Australia and make my dreams come true. You know, this is a country of unforgettable scenic views that I love to take photos of. Believe me or not, taking photos of people is even more rewarding, because you are becoming a part of people's lives. It's an invaluable feeling that you keep forever.

I'd appreciate it if you had a journey around down-under Australia with me. Welcome aboard!


Let's feel something wonderful and magical

A kangaroo
A heart
The way to the ocean
The ocean and the seagull